Start of the new DOC in March 2011

Last year I was fully busy to advert and sell my first documentary “Follow the rainbow to Findhorn” on DVD. Whoever is interested in community and wants to learn more about one of the oldest ecovillages in the world can still buy the DVD on various shops. I am also working on a NTSC version together with a cooperation in the States.

March 2011 will be the lift-off of my second documentary. Half of the footage is already “save” home. I will shoot the rest this year. Whenever I start editing a movie the flavor is important. This means that I have to feel the movie already before even considering to take the mouse of the editing machine. I feel how the movie could look like and if you would like to take part in the development of the film, please join in on one of the various possibilites to keep informed what’s going on. I will read your comments and answer as much as I can.

“Change-2012” is a working title. The name of the movie will unfold while working. If you have suggestions feel free to write.

Looking forward to play my part in BEING-A-CHANGE for the world.

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