“ONE WISDOM” is part of a bundle of two DVDs now called:


His sister is “Follow the rainbow to Findhorn” – a documentation about the Findhorn Foundation, an ecovillage in the North of Scotland.

My journey should encourage you to go beyond crisis. It’s time now.

PREMIERE – first screening in Scotland

will happen at the

Findhorn Foundation

on Sept 14th 2013 in the Universal Hall

I want to thank you all for your time, your attention and your financial support. I know how precious time is in our world today. I would have loved to meet you in person but money often is a challenge of its own. So here are a few thoughts to share.


ONE WISDOM goes public. The documentary will be screened as a pre-preview in Berlin. The organizers of the 6th festival of spiritual film have listed the film. Thanks a lot! Find out more about screenings in Germany here.

Start of the new DOC in March 2011

March 2011 will be the lift-off of my second documentary. Half of the footage is already “save” home. I will shoot the rest this year. Whenever I start editing a movie the flavor is important. This means that I have to feel the movie already before even considering to take the mouse of the editing machine. I feel how the movie could look like and if you would like to take part in the development of the film, please join in on one of the various possibilites to keep informed what’s going on.