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This movie deals intensively with our Christian roots in Europe. The strength of this documentary is its sensibility that leads straight into the present state of planet earth. After ‘Awake’ and ‘The gift’ you’ll find the European speakers here. It’s unique so far!

Hans H.

Hey – don’t you know the cage is open!

Thomas K.

A movie to share the warmth of your heart …

Quirin, Wolfgong

It’s a gift to hear all the stories about shifting when we discussed the movie afterwards. We should share these stories more often.

Christiane R.

One Wisdom is one of the few movies that starts when it is finished. The journey begins RIGHT NOW.

Hermann M.

One Wisdom is wonderful, soft, honest and touching.
Beautiful pictures of Europe lead you on an inner as well as on an outer journey into the core of your being.

Cinema LiliomFollow

Thanks for the extraordinarily personal journey of yours.

Bettina M.S.

One Wisdom is a movie one experiences as one follows along feeling ones own inner urge to expand to actually having expanded by witnessing the transformation take place through the movie. The expansion continues.

Joachim – Oslo Spiritual Film Club